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vacuous palaver

cant you see im soulful?

ida slapter
17 September
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insert part here where i please your particular subculture so you can feel youve found a kindred spirit that understands, just like you do.

hi, im into esoterica, deep pessimists, and forced individuality. i want to be friends with you, generation z.

formerly </a></b></a>selfishinbed.
have since learned to reciprocate.

a good toaster oven, academics, advertisements, al green, all things albini, amplexus, archers of loaf, ben is dead, big star, bill murray, blondie, bloomers, bret easton ellis, built to spill, bust, carman's country kitchen, cheap trick, comparatively large balls, concept albums, corner bars, craft projects, danielson family, david and amy sedaris, devolution, dirty three, disposable stick-on heating pads, edie and the eggs, el caminos, elbow patches, electrelane, elephant 6, elo, franny and zooey, gamble & huff, george jones, girls in the garage, guided by voices, guilty pleasures(not so guilty), happiness (the movie), hiroki's food reviews, hollies, husker du, i_can see_your dirty_pillows, iron and wine, irreverence, jackalope traps, jay macinerney, jesus christ superstar, jewdriver, john longhi, kings of leon, knee socks, kozik, le grand vagin, lenny and the squigtones, lipglass, little steven van zandt, margaret keane, mirah, monster women, more cowbells, my sewing machine, neutral milk hotel, new hope, no depression, old lady words, otis redding, parker posey, peanut sauce, pet sounds, positively 4th street, prommom, purple rain, red square collective, replacements, roadside attractions, robert mitchum, rockbitch, roky erikson, rosie grier, rosie the riveter, saddle oxfords, sarcasm, secret cinema, seeing if it fits, smudgey black eyeliner, stax records, superchunk, t rex, teri nunn, the black keys, the brooklyn tampon, the everly brothers, the figgs, the harder they come, the last waltz, the letter, the lonesome organist, the mc5, the ministry of information, the nation of ulysses!, the pink ladies, the pixies, the pretenders, the republican, the runaways, the shangri-las, the sonics, the stooges, the warhol factory, traci lords, travel scrabble, tripping the light sudoriferous, unionized strippers, vintage headphones, vintage lingerie, voyeurism, waitress dresses, wendy o williams, whiskeytown, womanly curves, woodcuts, yellow bike program, yo la tengo, yoyo a gogo