ida slapter (bridget_berlin) wrote,
ida slapter

upon seeing american dreamz.....

you dont want to go to the movies with me, i promise.

but thats cool, because i dont want to go to the movies with you either. i dont want to sit in the dark, formulating my critique and notice out of the corner of my eye that youre totally sucked in by the thing, then have to decide whether to be honest and spoil your thrill when we walk out of the theater or pretend to be as bowled over as you seem to be. nor do i want to glide, rapturous, out of the dark after viewing the best movie ive seen in - and stop, caught short, when i realize youre looking at me bewildered, telling me you didnt get it and/or thought it was pretentious and/or want to talk about where we're having a beer tonight. more than anything else, i sure dont want, on the way out of the theater, to have you agree with me.

if the movie was good, i dont think either of us should have anything articulate to say about it yet. and if it sucked, id much rather sharpen my criticism with someone who liked it. except chances are, that someone will probably want to be unmitigatedly in love with it for a while before hearing my attack. and so, we're back where we started. id just rather be at the movies alone
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