ida slapter (bridget_berlin) wrote,
ida slapter

one from the vault

background: a little girl with a yen for chocolate milk sends off $1.50 and 5 upc codes to an address in pueblo, colorado for a plastic mug of one Qwik Rabbit™. the handles of which were the ears of the rabbit, akimbo. the tin of chocolate flavored powder read "please wait 6-8 weeks for delivery."

the setting: non-descript urban street in philadelphia, late 70s.

the story: so im walking home from school for lunch an hour or so after a big rainstorm. i am in second grade and like most little girls in 1979, i have long poker-straight hair parted in the middle. a puddle near my house caught my eye as a means to sport the very popular 'wet look' i hunker down and swirl my long tresses in the mucky water. i flip it back, impressed with the texture and stringiness of the now individual hunks of hair and strut (yes, strut) the rest of the way home.
im not 30 seconds in the door when my mother comes out to greet me. now shes no dope, she knew that i would not have been caught in the downpour on the walk home and asks "what happened to your head?" i told her that i dunked my head into a puddle so that i would look sexy. she was not amused. convinced this was a feeble attempt to get out of going back to school, she had me march upstairs and wash my hair. when i came back downstairs, still wet-headed but not nearly as sexy... she dangled my prized, long-awaited and nearly forgotten Qwik Rabbit™ mug in front of me. "im sending this back!" she said as she wrapped the mug in the bubble wrap lined box it came in. "little girls trying to look sexy dont drink from cartoon bunny mugs."
every now and again, ill go onto ebay looking for weird things from my childhood (heaven tshirts are a popular search), consider looking for "Nestle+Qwik+Mug" and some gnawing feeling stops me. wouldnt want to look unsexy, would i? thanks, mom.
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