ida slapter (bridget_berlin) wrote,
ida slapter

aught 5 thus far

+ drinkin and funnin with jasonrose

- tastes like fat drippings and seltzer

+ day five of life without cigarettes.

- feeling like i could cut the fingers off the next smokers hands i see just to smell the nicotine under their fingernails.

+ lovely new year at cbgbs with serfborg, lovely champagne, lovely beetsoup and perogies. phantom lj celebs.

- sleeping clear through new years day, missing the parade and the pyjama party.

+ drunken messages from the ass end of the world.

- did i mention i havent smoked a cigarette in five days !!

always with the damn fags
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Congratulations on five days without smoking!
And thanks for sharing your turkey gravy soda pop with me. It was, uh, delicious.

Did you ever get the bottom of the Chuckles the Clown mystery, Encylopedia Jones? If I were you, I'd star a-googlein' and find us some answers!
wow, did you drink Mashed Potato soda?
What was it like?
How about green bean casserole?

I hate that Cel-Ray stuff! It is so nasty.
happy new yr!
i had a mouthful of the turkey&gravy and havent been able to even look at the others since. im thinking the green bean casserole one might not be very offensive, maybe ill muster up some courage by this thanksgiving.

happy new year to you too, babybird.

that icon of yours still makes my mouth water!
I left a message? I'm glad.

Still can't believe that gravy-flavoured soft drink is real. Probably goes well with scrapple. Ew, I just spewed in my mouth a little bit.
it went something like "i like penises in my ear, the bigger the better. please dont post this in your livejournal."

have you gotten my sms's?
So, nothing you didn't know already.

Zero texmexages from you. I don't think you're doing it right.
I like how, when people are gettign their asses handed to them playing Trivial Pursuit (or Trivial Pursuit 90's edition, or Trivial Pursuit for Kids, or even Trivial Pursuit for lazy assholes (on DVD), there's a pattern of blaming the GAME. Like, "This game's stupid!" or "The questions are so STUPID!" or even "Who cares?? This question is dumb!" Yeah. It's totally the game that's stupid, NOT the gal/guy who doesn't know who Ronald Reagan's vice president was. Or what "VCR" stands for.
are you eyefucking me?
Sorry for dissapearing the last few weeks. Thanks for the pleasant nye. Think a table jumped me and I drank a bit too much. The table thing was probably unnecessary. Crossing city limits was nice. Need to be catching up. Might be tricky as I'll be spending the next two weekends in Phoenix. Let me know you're after work beer schedule.