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vacuous palaver

23rd April, 2006. 9:35 pm. upon seeing american dreamz.....

you dont want to go to the movies with me, i promise.

but thats cool, because i dont want to go to the movies with you either. i dont want to sit in the dark, formulating my critique and notice out of the corner of my eye that youre totally sucked in by the thing, then have to decide whether to be honest and spoil your thrill when we walk out of the theater or pretend to be as bowled over as you seem to be. nor do i want to glide, rapturous, out of the dark after viewing the best movie ive seen in - and stop, caught short, when i realize youre looking at me bewildered, telling me you didnt get it and/or thought it was pretentious and/or want to talk about where we're having a beer tonight. more than anything else, i sure dont want, on the way out of the theater, to have you agree with me.

if the movie was good, i dont think either of us should have anything articulate to say about it yet. and if it sucked, id much rather sharpen my criticism with someone who liked it. except chances are, that someone will probably want to be unmitigatedly in love with it for a while before hearing my attack. and so, we're back where we started. id just rather be at the movies alone

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11th August, 2005. 10:14 pm. one from the vault

background: a little girl with a yen for chocolate milk sends off $1.50 and 5 upc codes to an address in pueblo, colorado for a plastic mug of one Qwik Rabbit™. the handles of which were the ears of the rabbit, akimbo. the tin of chocolate flavored powder read "please wait 6-8 weeks for delivery."

the setting: non-descript urban street in philadelphia, late 70s.

the story: so im walking home from school for lunch an hour or so after a big rainstorm. i am in second grade and like most little girls in 1979, i have long poker-straight hair parted in the middle. a puddle near my house caught my eye as a means to sport the very popular 'wet look' i hunker down and swirl my long tresses in the mucky water. i flip it back, impressed with the texture and stringiness of the now individual hunks of hair and strut (yes, strut) the rest of the way home.
im not 30 seconds in the door when my mother comes out to greet me. now shes no dope, she knew that i would not have been caught in the downpour on the walk home and asks "what happened to your head?" i told her that i dunked my head into a puddle so that i would look sexy. she was not amused. convinced this was a feeble attempt to get out of going back to school, she had me march upstairs and wash my hair. when i came back downstairs, still wet-headed but not nearly as sexy... she dangled my prized, long-awaited and nearly forgotten Qwik Rabbit™ mug in front of me. "im sending this back!" she said as she wrapped the mug in the bubble wrap lined box it came in. "little girls trying to look sexy dont drink from cartoon bunny mugs."
every now and again, ill go onto ebay looking for weird things from my childhood (heaven tshirts are a popular search), consider looking for "Nestle+Qwik+Mug" and some gnawing feeling stops me. wouldnt want to look unsexy, would i? thanks, mom.

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28th June, 2005. 6:48 pm.

also, 97x vintage really pumps my nads.

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17th February, 2005. 8:31 pm.

lifes been more than a bit boring lately. i can safely say that the most exciting thing thats happened to me in the past week has been my discovery of boar's head honey mustard and spaghetti westerns. ive also taken to buying expensive belgian beers to go and enjoying a bottle or three at nine in the morning after a sixteen hour shift.

things to look forward to:

  • moving in to proper house once its completely renovated in the fall. impatient!
  • the danielson famile at the church in may. fun!
  • dali exhibit next week with newfound friend. butterflies!

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6th January, 2005. 7:04 pm. aught 5 thus far

+ drinkin and funnin with jasonrose

- tastes like fat drippings and seltzer

+ day five of life without cigarettes.

- feeling like i could cut the fingers off the next smokers hands i see just to smell the nicotine under their fingernails.

+ lovely new year at cbgbs with serfborg, lovely champagne, lovely beetsoup and perogies. phantom lj celebs.

- sleeping clear through new years day, missing the parade and the pyjama party.

+ drunken messages from the ass end of the world.

- did i mention i havent smoked a cigarette in five days !!

always with the damn fags

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9th December, 2004. 6:40 pm.

still havent received my jones soda holiday set.

spoke to soon when i mentioned to someone "im outta the weeds at work, ill call you for a drink" and fired two people since thursday. its either feast or famine round these parts.
upside is i only have one day to spend holiday shopping.
downside is that damn one day is going to be a bitch. good thing im not outta the weeds at home. you know how i do.

baked my favorite cranberry orange cookies last night in one of my 4am energy boosts. note to self: save some to enjoy after shopping day in the weeds.

all this christmas brouhaha gives me cravings for kreplach and whitefish salad. im so out to lunch, its a shame.

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1st December, 2004. 7:36 pm.

dear friend michaels recruited me as deejay1 for this event. please come out and shake your ass to a devout and driving beat.

from the weekly:
Some person or group called Michael Maptrot and the Aquarian Army is/are throwing a monthly First Friday Freethinker Federation Frenzy. As he/they put it, it's "a celebration of all faiths in a melting pot of beliefs entitled BYOG--Bring Your Own God, or for a secular audience, Bust Your Own Groove." Um, okay, drugs? Bring Your Own Ganja? Anyway, it sounds weird and fun and not so very Heaven's Gate-ish as I made it sound. Fri., Dec. 3, 10pm-2am. Free. Upstairs at Sal's on 12th, 200 S. 12th St. 215.731.9930

1 loose definition of, really just means i have a shitload of records and i like to drink for free.

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4th November, 2004. 7:11 pm.

last night, alone at the bar, barkeep tried to make with the chat about the current state of affairs and how it related to the days receipts. it was unusually quiet for a wednesday night and a chef from morimoto reported more cancellations than ever before. the city crawls with sorrow-drowners after a big game loss, but i guess this is more your introspective city-wide depression. barkeep suggested i write a short story called "too somber for sushi." ill get right on that, smitty.
mr. rose showed up about beer and a half later and graciously changed the subject from politics to morrissey's favorite bands and henry david thoreau.
my co-worker went wicky in the wacky woo yesterday and it looks like im working every day in november. upside is more time to work on the sushi story. downside is i wont be seeing any of you fine friends in a while, unless youve got a cameo in this little piece of cinematic gold

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29th October, 2004. 6:26 pm.

happy halloweenCollapse )
and happy birthday, </a></b></a>

postscript: where is </a></b></a>missy?
postpostscript: i obviously cant get enough of these furry tags.

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19th October, 2004. 7:19 pm.

spent the last few days with interesting video rentals. unfortunately, i missed my favorite new addiction in a robert mitchum masturbation frenzy. man, they dont grow em like that anymore.

hi. i watch reality teevee and jerk off to dead calypso singers.

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